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“As someone that has been doing private label and product research using Jungle Scout for about 2 years now I can personally say that Viral Launch is your better option…” 

- David Zaleski

“Viral Launch is like Jungle Scout on steroids. You can get a lot more intelligence than you can with any other software out there...” - FBA All Stars

Viral Launch has completely blown Jungle Scout out of the water. I no longer use Jungle Scout in any shape or form. I've completely left them and joined Viral Launch. 

- Nick, Every Man's Empire

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- Brock Johnson

Compare Amazon Product Research Tools

See how Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Scope, Unicorn Smasher, and ASINspector compare

Not only can you look up products by Product and Keyword Search, but you can filter and search through Brands and Categories based on your criteria. Plug in your filters to Product Discovery and delve into the resulting products, keywords, brands, and categories. And bonus: with Product Discovery, you won't see a list full of bogus results ;)

Viral Launch: Products, Keywords, Brands, and Categories

Jungle Scout offers the Product Database (Products) and Niche Hunter (Keyword). While the Product Database is a good way to get product ideas in front of you, it's not a great way to measure market potential. The Niche Hunter is a good idea in theory, but the keywords often don't make sense and have unrealistic sales numbers.

Jungle Scout: Products and Niches

Product Finder Search Types

There are many different ways to arrive at potential products.

Sales Estimates

It is essential to trust the numbers you rely on for your sourcing decisions.

Estimates sales based on the average BSR over time by capturing an hourly average BSR, and then adding up those daily estimates for the monthly sales estimate. This accounts for vast fluctuations... running a promotion or going out of stock won’t skew the estimates.

Viral Launch: Comprehensive

Estimates sales based on the BSR right now, showing you a brief snapshot. This widely varies from day to day, and even hour to hour. Looking at a product’s sales estimates in the morning may be completely different than the evening. Imagine trying to predict the entire plot of a movie by looking at one still frame… it’s almost impossible to get right.

Jungle Scout: Snapshot

Market Trends

To know where an Amazon product market is going, you must know where it it is now and where it has been.

To help you do you in-depth product research, Viral Launch's Market Intelligence shows sales, price, and review trends across an entire market. You can use this data to see a product’s seasonality, if the market is declining, or how price has trended in the past.

Viral Launch: Amazon Trends

Google Trend graphs are included with Jungle Scout. While Google may help with understanding a market as a whole, it’s important to remember that Google is a search engine whereas Amazon is a marketplace. Searches are run with different intentions, so trends will differ on each site.

Jungle Scout: Google Trends

Endless Opportunities

There are countless ways to use Product Discovery.

Product Discovery, the best product finder in the galaxy, has countless potential uses for Amazon sellers. Here are a few of the many use cases along with the necessary filters to get there.

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